Our History

Family Owned and Operated

Family Owned & Operated Dental Clinic

Shelby Dental Center was founded by Dr. Michael Ford in 1985.  Dr. Ford wanted to create a practice that focused on offering one-day denture services.  While working at his full time practice in Alabaster, he opened Shelby Denture Clinic and eventually worked full time making dentures, when he sold his Alabaster practice in 1989.


Scott, Dr. Ford’s son is our head dental technician.  After graduating from Auburn University, he joined the family business in 1994.  Scott is trained in fabrication and repair of removable dental appliances, including dentures and partial dentures.  Scott either makes or directly oversees each denture that is made at Shelby Dental Center.  This allows a unique consistency in quality with our dentures.


Ashley, Dr. Ford’s daughter has worked closely with Shelby Dental Center since her graduation from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry in 1995.  She began her dental career at Shelby Dental Center by moonlighting during her residency.  She has worked at Shelby Dental Center throughout the years, while practicing at Calera Dental Center.  Upon retirement, her father asked her to manage his practice, wanting to keep his business in the family.  She currently oversees the business side of the practice and works to ensure the continuation of quality dental care.