How Are Dentures Made?

A male dentist explaining to a male patient how dentures are made

How Are Dentures Made?

Dentures can transform your life by boosting self-confidence and restoring your smile. After deciding to get dentures, you may have questions about how they’re made, and how involved you will be in the process. Our team at Shelby Dental is committed to making you feel right at home in our office and answering any questions you may have along the way. 

In this blog, learn more about Shelby Dental and how we make dentures that can boost self-confidence and ease physical discomforts!

Step 1: Model

The first step involves your dentist making a model. To do this, your dentist will have a denture impression taken from your mouth and your jaw. Your dentist will then create a model from either wax or plastic, based on this impression. For optimal results, you will be able to try the model multiple times before your final denture is made, so the dentures will look and feel just right. 

Step 2: Measurements

Next, the denture model is placed in an articulator. The technician will then use a mechanical device to attach the teeth to the denture mold, usually with wax. The technician will then carve the wax. They will sculpt the denture mold until it looks like your gums, and this will form the foundation for your final denture.

Your dental expert will then set the dentures in a flask. This is a holding device, and it allows the plaster to be poured in, so the shape can be maintained. After the shape is set, the wax is then melted off.

Next, acrylic, or another material you and your dentist have decided on, will be injected into the plaster mold. Using the same wax model, plaster is poured to keep the denture’s shape and the wax is melted away. Working carefully and slowly, the plaster is removed, revealing the final denture.

Step 3: Adjustments

The technician will then polish the dentures. Any excess material will be cut, and pumice is used to polish the final results. Finally, you will get to try your dentures one last time. You’ll be able to make any final adjustments and address any concerns.

One-Day Denture Services at Shelby Dental

At Shelby Dental Center, we utilize cutting-edge technology to create dentures in just one day! Immediate dentures, or same-day dentures, are made to be placed the same day you have your teeth removed. Our head dental technician oversees every product made at Shelby Dental Center, so you can be assured you are receiving top-quality dentures. We combine all three steps into a streamlined and efficient process, so you can walk out with a smile you are proud of on the same day! 

We Proudly Invest in Your Dental Health

At Shelby Dental, we believe having a smile you can feel great about is essential for your overall quality of life. We offer smile restoration services for patients of any age and are happy to discuss your dental health with you. Contact us to learn more about smile-enhancing services!